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Lithuanian organisations looking for partners

Department of Radviliskis Municipal Centre for Education and Sport Services is looking for partners for youth project on World War I

Strand 1 – European remembrance. Valid until 02/06/2014

Department for Non-Formal Education of Adults and Youth (Radviliškis District Municipal Centre for Education and Sport Services, Lithuania) is looking for partners  – non-formal youth education groups, youth organizations,  schools and etc. from European countries – for European remembrance project.  The main idea of the project is to recreate political situation at the beginning of World War I and to perform it in a way how the youth interprets it today. Participants will be actively involved in the planned activities of project, will cooperate with youth participants from other countries and share their experience and opinion.  More information and contacts  >> 


NGO “Our Europe” is looking to join a project in the field of research and promotion of EU values

Valid until 04/06/2014 and 01/09/2014

NGO “Our Europe“ (“Mūsų Europa“) is a young organization established by experienced professionals  in 2013 with the aim of promoting European Union values in Lithuania. As a new organization, „Our Europe“ would prefer to be a junior partner in submitting a project application under European remembrance or Civil society projects strands. We would like to join projects related to research and promotion of EU values in CEE countries which joined the European Union in 2004 (marking the 10th anniversary of their EU membership): research on their prevalence, impact on people’s quality of life, comparison with situation in other EU countries. We are looking to cooperate with organizations based in Western Europe, with a relevant experience of implementing EU projects, or organizations from other CEE countries, interested in the promotion of EU values. More information >>>


“International Human Welfare Association” from Lithuania would like to join your project as a partner

Valid until 04/06/2014 and 01/09/2014

International Human Welfare Association (Tarptautine zmogaus geroves asociacija) is the association created by legally independent partners acting in the area of social work and care. Fighting against forms of social intolerance as well as creating friendly environment for social inclusion and human’s wellbeing is one of the main objectives of the association.  Association would be interested in building connections with similar organizations for the future cooperation in the field of human rights, social work and social welfare and would like to join the project of Europe for Citizens programme (European Remembrance, Networks of Towns or Civil society projects) as a partner organisation (to take part or to contribute to various activities). More information >>>


Organisation “Vilko valia” is looking for partners for continuation of successful project about Jewish culture and Holocaust

Valid until 26/05/2014, Strand 1 – European remembrance

Non-profit organisation “Vilko valia” has already implemented few projects under Europe for Citizens programme and their recent project “Ponar Lullaby” was presented in the conferences of  European Commission among the most successful  examples of Active European Remembrance projects of 2007-2013. “Vilko valia” is looking for partners for the project “Being A Jew”, which is planned to be a further development of the idea of “Ponar Lullaby”. „Being a Jew“ will offer to experience one day in a former ghetto territory of one of the cities of Eastern and Central Europe where Jewish life and culture were strongly present before the Holocaust. Traget group of this project is young (18-35 age group) international people. We are looking for partner organizations working with Holocaust topic or with young people, preferably from (but not necessarily) Poland, Czech Republic or Hungary. More information  >>


Partner search request for the project “Being Nobody: 3 hours in the USSR”

Valid until 26/05/2014, Strand 1 – European remembrance

Our organization from Lithuania „Vilko valia“ is running a world acclaimed educational project “1984. Survival Drama in the Soviet Bunker” where 6 meters underground we have reconstructed the gloomy world of the Soviet regime.  Groups of young people from all over the world are coming to experience 3 hours of a life in USSR. Since 2014 is the 10th Anniversary of new countries joining the EU as well as 10th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, we are planning to expand the project  and present the educational interactive experience “Being Nobody: 3 hours in the USSR” in several countries with the painful history of Soviet occupation. We are looking for partner organizations, working with the history of Soviet Occupation or with young people, from (preferred but not necessarily) Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany. More information >>

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